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Lift It Up! Best Ways to Fix a Saggy Booty Without Surgery

We've all experienced it. You wake up, look in the mirror, and notice that your once firm and shapely backside has become less firm and shapely over time. A saggy buttock, whether caused by age, weight gain, or pregnancy, can be a major confidence killer.

You've heard the adage, "if you don't use it, you'll lose it." Unfortunately, this also applies to our booties. If we aren't careful, gravity will take its toll and our once-vibrant derrieres will sag.

But here's the good news: There are non-surgical methods for lifting, firming, and shaping your derriere.

In this post, we'll reveal the secrets to restoring your behind to its former glory in no time. Let’s get started!

Why Do I Have a Saggy Butt?

There's a reason for your saggy buttocks. And no, it's not because you don't get enough exercise (although that may be part of the problem). It is, in fact, a natural process.

how to fix a saggy booty

It all comes down to your muscles. When you sit all day, your glutes (the muscles in your buttocks) just give up. They become sluggish and cease to function properly. Because they aren't doing their job, the other muscles in your body are forced to work much harder than they should, which is why your stomach begins to sag.

To summarize, saggy buttocks are primarily caused by three factors: weak gluteal muscles (buttock muscles), excess body fat, and aging.

Gluteal Muscles

The glutes are the largest muscle in the body. They also play an important role in our health and well-being.

This is due to the glutes' role in supporting our entire body. When they are weak, other muscles must work harder to compensate, which can cause pain and discomfort.

Other than a saggy back, weak glutes can cause a variety of other issues such as lower back pain, knee pain, and even weak feet.

Inactivity and muscle loss can cause the glutes to weaken. Nutrition is also important in keeping the glutes strong. Without proper nutrition, the glutes may lack the energy they require to stay toned and healthy.

Excess Body Fat

The buttocks are a popular location for fat storage. We've all heard the expression "it all goes to my butt!"

In comparison to men, women's bodies have different storage patterns for muscle and metabolism-driven fats. However, keep in mind that you cannot target fat loss at a specific body part; instead, you must target fat loss throughout the body.

If your gluteal muscles are not tight enough, they will sag over time due to their proximity to skin folds, which also store excess oils from sweat glands!


Because of muscle loss and fat gain that occurs with aging, the average person over the age of 50 has a saggy buttock. Skinny elasticity loss is also a problem for many people as they age; it is an unavoidable natural process.

However, with proper skincare, quality nutrition, and a training approach appropriate for your age, you can reduce the impact of this natural process.

Best Ways to Fight Sagginess without Surgery

There are ways to fight back against the effects of time without resorting to surgery. Here are the best two of them:


Do you have a magical wand? No? Don't roll your eyes at that!

Yes, you'll need to shake that booty!

In addition to the well-known squats, the best butt exercises include stair climbing, step-ups, single-leg glute bridges, and lunges.

- Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is a great glute-activating exercise that will not only get your legs in shape but will also make them look tighter. Instead of reaching landings or taking two steps at once (as happens naturally), try skipping those extra steps when you are upstairs from nothingness!

This high-intensity style requires faster movement, so if this doesn't feel natural for some reason, stop and go back down until it does before continuing on with our climb.

- Step-Ups

Step-ups are an excellent way to strengthen your glutes and other leg muscles. They target the same four areas as step aerobics, so it's no surprise they're effective at muscle building and cellulite reduction as well!

- Single-Leg Glute Bridges

This exercise is great for toning your buttocks and relieving lower back pain. It primarily targets the glutes, hamstrings, and other muscles in the legs that aid in balance and coordination when walking on two feet! If you aren't yet strong enough for single-leg bridges, do regular "half-floor" versions until you are.

- Lunges

Lunges must be included in your workout routine if you want a perky butt. They, like squats, are an absolute must. Lunges work the muscles in your buttocks and thighs, lifting and toning them.

It would be beneficial to pay attention to your nutrition as well for better and faster results. Not to become obsessed with calorie counting, but simply to keep track of your daily intake.

Remember a few simple rules to follow, such as:

  • Increase protein: protein aids in muscle growth and recovery.
  • Avoid processed foods: Sodas, fries, and cakes all contribute to increased body fat.
  • Consume whole foods: Carbohydrates should be obtained from whole foods such as vegetables, beans, quinoa, and so on.
  • Increase your intake of healthy fats: Eating fish and omega-3 fatty acids will help you burn fat and gain muscle.
  • Portion control: Don't eat more calories than your body requires.

Butt Lifters Shapewear

Remember that magic wand we asked you about? Well, we found it… 

The magic is called - butt lifter shapewear!

Butt Lifters are a must-have for any woman who wants to have the best figure possible.

They provide you with smooth, firm butt leaves that will complement any outfit and boost your self-esteem!

Butt lifters are a type of shapewear undergarment that helps maintain our natural shape while also ensuring skin strength by holding muscles underneath it all together.

They're frequently referred to as "rear bras" because they hold up to create an attractive cleavage while also lifting it!

Benefits and Advantages of Butt Lifters

The butt lifter is a quick and easy way to give yours behind a nice, round shape. It is the most effective way to instantly lift your behind. Unlike other options such as drugs, plastic surgery, or diet and exercise, you can simply put on one of these undergarments and they will do all of the work for you!

The most appealing aspect of this shapewear is how comfortable and flattering it is. Many women wear them on a daily basis because they like the way their clothes fit better than ever!

These shapewear garments are an excellent way to give you the most natural-looking option possible. There are no foam or silicone cups to give an unnatural appearance, and they will not ride up during movement throughout the day!

You know what they say: curves are in!

Butt lifters assist those who are not endowed in all areas, allowing them to experience the magic of having a curved body. And, modesty aside, it's empowering to be able to turn some heads every now and then.

Butt lifters are the ideal non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery. They can help you get that perky butt and toned yoga instructor's bottom without requiring anesthesia or spending thousands of dollars on custom-fitted underwear!

The fact that there are so many different styles to choose from is probably the best thing about butt lifters. You can go for a natural look with a style that lifts and shapes your buttocks, or you can go for a more dramatic look with a thong or g-string style. There's a butt lifter out there for you, whether you want something sexy or practical.

Choosing the Right Butt Lifter for Lifting Up a Sagging Rear

The butt lifter is a clever design that knows exactly how to shape and lift your buttocks. The secret is in its unique construction, the type of fabric used to make it, and the cut, which ensures just enough wear!

When it comes to choosing the right butt lifter, it all comes down to personal preference, but when it comes to fixing that saggy booty, we recommend these types.

Butt Lifting Panties, Shorts, and Straps

These types of shapewear combat sagginess in the simplest way possible.

The butt lifter straps and panties instantly make your booty pop. They are fashionable and sexy, and they support the lower part of your backside, allowing your curves to stand out.

Butt lifter shorts, on the other hand, ensure gentle butt sculpting while concealing underwear lines to make your body appear irresistible.

Butt Lifters & Hip Enhancers

Butt Lifters and Hip Enhancers are ideal for ultimate butt lifting, giving your booty a fuller and larger appearance while concealing love handles and highlighting the hips and hourglass shape.

They also provide tummy control by tightening the abdomen and compressing the entire core.


Butt Lifters & Waist Trainers

This type of butt lifter is ideal if you want to improve and accelerate your exercise results.

They not only lift your booty but also slim and reduce your waistline while also helping to correct your posture. They are often made of a material that actively encourages sweating, making weight loss easier. They are comfortable for daily use or during workouts.

Butt Lifters & Thighs Slimmers

Butt lifters and thighs slimmers provide compression to all three areas of your body at once, enhancing the butt, tightening the belly, and slimming the thighs

When used during workouts, they also serve as a mold, aiding in weight control and slimming.


Butt Shaping Leggings 

Butt shaping leggings, also known as butt-lifting or sculpting leggings, are designed to enhance the appearance of the buttocks.

While individual results may vary, here are some potential benefits of wearing butt shaping leggings:

Enhanced appearance: Butt shaping leggings are designed with special contouring and lifting features that can give the appearance of a more sculpted and lifted buttocks. They can create a flattering silhouette and enhance your overall shape.

Confidence boost: Wearing leggings that enhance your buttocks can boost your self-confidence and make you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Improved fit: Butt shaping leggings are often made with stretchy and supportive materials that hug your curves and provide a snug and flattering fit. This can create a smoother and more streamlined look.

Versatility: Butt shaping leggings can be worn for various activities, including workouts, casual outings, or even as part of a fashionable outfit. They offer the benefits of both functionality and style.

Comfort: Many butt shaping leggings are made with moisture-wicking and breathable materials, providing comfort and ease of movement during physical activities or everyday wear.

Bottom Line

There are often “spices” to help you improve your appearance and boost your confidence. 

So, whichever butt lifter you choose, you should remember that - with rounded curves or saggy booty, loving yourself is the primary and the most important thing. 

Remember as the beauty always comes and starts from the inside.

Femme Shapewear offers the highest quality butt lifters, shapers and leggings made of sustainable fabric. We deliver confidence beauty and comfort by delivering extraordinary products to your home within 3-4 days. Check out the latest collection. 


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