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Why I Am The Biggest Fan Of Waist Trainers

Our dearest customer Ashley Williams shared her review as a form of an article about waist training and we decided to publish it.


When I first heard about waist trainers, I was a bit skeptical. A body-shaping garment that gives you an instant hourglass figure? It just sounded too good to be true. I had been trying to lose inches off my waistline for months with little to no success. So, when I heard about this wonder garment, I decided to do my research and see if it works as claimed. 

Waist training corsets have been used by women and some men since 1500 to shape their bodies to the desired figure. The fact that they are still popular today, though a bit different, only means that they are effective in what they do.  

I became the biggest fan of waist training. Here’s why:


Waist Trainers gave me an instant smaller waist

The first time I wore a waist trainer, I noticed that my waistline became instantly smaller. I even looked great in dresses that were less flattering before. 

Waist trainers work by sucking in all the extra fat and skin around my belly to give me a trimmer waist instantly (though temporarily). The first time may feel uncomfortable, but when you remain consistent you get used to it. So if you are going to a big event or date, you can just put it on under your clothes, and you are good to go.


Waist trainers gave me an hourglass figure

This is one of the main reasons why most women (me included) start waist training. We all want to have that much-coveted ‘hourglass’ figure, and waist trainers are the quickest way to achieve that. 

Waist trainers do not only pull in your belly fat to give you a smaller waist, but they also visually enhance your bustline and hips to give your body an ‘hourglass’ shape.


Waist Trainers help manage weight

When I had my waist trainer on, I noticed that I didn’t eat as much as I used to. That’s because waist trainers compress your stomach, so you are unable to eat a large portion of food. 

While waist trainers alone may not help you burn calories, they are a great way to boost your workout form while shaping your body. If you are planning to exercise with your waist trainer, I suggest you get one designed for activity as it will give you more flexibility. 


Waist Trainers improve posture and confidence 

Another reason I became the biggest fan of waist trainers is that they help to straighten and realign your back, forcing you to have a new posture habit. This is due to the metal bones within them that stop you from bending your back while at the same time relieving pressure from your spine. 

Therefore, most women tend to feel more confident in public as a result of waist trainers.


Bustline support

Waist trainers not only accentuate your waist, but they also offer support to your bustline. This is especially beneficial if you have large breasts as it relieves the pressure and weight from your back and neck. 


Waist Trainers helped with a postpartum waist tightening

After childbirth, most women want to get back their natural waistline, which is not always easy. But, thanks to waist trainers, women can bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shapes much faster, just like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian.  


There, you have it, reasons why I am the biggest fan of waist trainers. They are just a must-have for every woman. Whether you want to shed inches off your waistline, get an hourglass figure, improve your posture, or get your shape back after pregnancy, waist trainers are the way to go.

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