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10 Most Common Women's Body Shapes

Nov 01, 2021 0 comments
10 Most Common Women's Body Shapes

Do you know that there are over 8 body types for women? Well, let us examine each body type to help you easily identify which body shape you have. 

Without controversy, every body shape is beautiful. People are full of grace and distinct characters which makes them unique from one another. One of the adorable features of women is their natural body types

According to researches and study, there are several body types. Follow closely to know them. 

Ten Shapes and Body Types Differences

There are several body sizes and shapes which make people look astonishing. There is nothing such as a typical body because people vary in different parts of their body like curves, shoulders, bust, and waist.

These areas are broader in some and narrower in others. However, there is a large category to which every person belongs. 

natural body types

As one reads this section, the next important question is, what is your natural body type? However, the body types include;

Rectangular Body Type

The rectangular body type is also known as the straight or banana body type. This body type is when the bust or hip has the same width size as the hip and shoulder.

In such situations, the fashion designer will often suggest styles like tube dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and belted waists. 

Triangular Body Type

The triangular body type is also known as the pear body type. It is called this because the lower part of the body is bigger than the upper part of the body, just like a pear. The hips are wider than the bust and shoulders. 

Occasionally, such individuals have fairly shaped waists and slim arms. The waist looks like it forms a slope with the hip. Oftentimes, stylists recommend wearing that shows the waistline.  

Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body type has its bust and hips almost equal in size. These people have their waists look like the shape of an hourglass. The upper parts of the body are equal to the lower part of the body. 

The shoulders may appear round and the same for the butt. The best option of clothing type for this shape is tailored or form-fitting clothed. 

Spoon Body Type

The spoon body type looks like a triangle shape. However, the rest of the body or bust is narrower than the hips.

The waist is defined while the upper thighs and upper arms have similar weight. The best options of dress are those with an empire waist like a baby doll. 

Top Hourglass Body Type

The top hourglass body type is the same as the above hourglass shape except for the bust measurements which are a little bit wider than the hips.

The best option of wear for the body type is flared pants or boot cut. One can also explore options like tailored jackets and A-line skirts. 

Bottom Hourglass Body Type

The bottom hourglass body type is different from the hourglass shape because the bust measurements are not as large as the bust.

Form-fitting dresses and knits are perfect suggestions by stylists for this body type. 

Inverted Triangle Body Type

The inverted triangle body type is also known as the apple shape. This body type has its bust and shoulders wider than the hips.

Fashion designers will suggest tops that bring the shape of the waist and cloth styles that have open necklines or wear that display their legs. 

Diamond Body Type

The diamond body type has wider hips than the shoulders. Also, the waistline is fuller with a narrow bust. Individuals with this type of body type have slender arms and upper legs.

The suggestion for styling is boat-neck or off-shoulder tops. 

Oval Body Type

The oval body type is also referred to as the round body type. The hips are narrow, the bust is larger, and a fuller midsection.

The stylist will suggest tops with vertical details. 

Athletic Body Type

The athletic body type is muscular but maybe without curves. The shoulder has the same measurement as the hip. The hips and shoulders are narrower than the waist. Style suggestions are strapless, halter, racerback.

NB: The fruits were only used to describe the body shapes and help with body types difference. 

How To Determine Your Body Type?

The best way to know one’s body type is to take measurements and know the body shape one has. For some, it is easy to know the category they belong while others may take extra effort.

However, figures from measurements will serve as a guide. 

natural body types and women's body shapes

Additionally, the figures will assist in general shopping or making clothes for any category one belongs to. Here is a guide on how to take the right body measurement;


Get to meet a stylist, fashion designer, or friend to measure the back – from the end of one shoulder to the other side. 


To measure the bust, place the end of the tape on the fullest area of the bust and let it go around to meet the end of the tape again. Ensure this is around the shoulder blades and under the armpits.


The waist is the region beneath the rib cage but above the belly button. Let the measuring tape go around it and form a belt. To ensure effective measurement, bend to the side and observe the crease form; that is the waistline. 


Let the measuring tape go around the hip and cover the widest part of the buttocks. 

Can I determine my body type?

The answer is yes. Although there are factors that seem uncontrollable, one can alter some conditions to have the desired body type. A major uncontrollable factor is a genetics.

Genes determine how much fat the body stores and accumulate at different parts of the body. If the fat is not uniformly distributed, it gives various body shapes in people depending on the area of concentration. 

Hormones can also affect body shape. Other factors are; 

  1. Exercises 
  2. Stress 
  3. Aging 
  4. Kinds of food 
  5. Enough rest 
  6. Bone structure 


The bottom line is simple, every shape is beautiful.

Do not be deceived into believing that there is a perfect body type. In as much as one is happy and healthy, rock every cloth in your body type with utmost self-confidence. 

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