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Can You Sleep With a Waist Trainer On?

Oct 11, 2021 0 comments
Can You Sleep With a Waist Trainer On?

You have probably heard the debate on whether or not it is healthy to sleep with a waist trainer. Although many people, including health experts, disagree, sleeping in waist trainers has its fair share of benefits and risks.

We are going to discuss them in this article. But first, let's start with the basics shall we?

What Are Waist Trainers?

Waist trainers are shapewear that you put on under your clothes to slim your waist and attain an hourglass shape. Waist trainers come in different forms, shapes, and materials. They work pretty much as corsets and are popular among women who want to get slimmer waists. 

They are called waist trainers since they achieve the hourglass shape by ‘training’ the waist to achieve flatness. 

Are Waist Trainers Effective?

Waist trainers are effective, and many women can attest to the benefits of using them. However, waist trainers are not a magical solution to belly fat. It is not enough to just use a waist trainer.

You will have to incorporate physical exercises and a well-structured diet to enable you to attain a perfect hourglass figure. Another way to increase their effectiveness is to maximize the amount of time you spend wearing a waist trainer. 

Can You Sleep in a Waist Trainer?

So you want to attain the perfect waist in the shortest time possible and are wondering whether it is okay to sleep in a waist trainer. The answer is Yes. You can sleep in your waist trainer. However, you will need to ensure that it is worn perfectly and does not cause you harm.

can you sleep with waist trainer on

Sleeping in the wrong waist trainer may result in pain and health complications. It may also interfere with the quality of your sleep since you are highly unlikely to get a good night’s sleep while you are uncomfortable.

How Waist Trainers Work

Waist trainers are worn around the midsection, and they often take the shape of your body. These undergarments grip your waist and slim it down, giving the impression of a smaller waist. To maintain this impression, you have to wear your trainer for a long time for your body to adapt to an hourglass shape.

A common misconception, however, is that you may lose weight by wearing a waist trainer. Waist trainers only sculpt your body and do nothing for you in terms of your body weight. So do not stop working out once you begin using a waist trainer. Using a waist trainer only works to supplement and improve the effects of your workout sessions.

Sleeping With Waist Trainer Results

To achieve better results, most fitness companies advocate for you to wear your waist trainer for 10 hours during the day. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. 

If you cannot maintain that 10-hour commitment during the day, then it is time you consider putting on your waist trainer to bed. Here are some of the benefits you will get from doing so;

Emphasize the Female Form

So you are looking for the perfect way to accentuate your features and make you look glam. Sleeping in a waist trainer may help with that. The waist trainer will work on your figure as you sleep all night and make you look fabulous all day.

Good Body Posture

Waist trainers have a tight build, and this is very helpful in maintaining a great body posture. Wearing your body trainer to bed forces your body to that desirable upright posture and makes it accustomed to it within no time.

Studies show that maintaining the perfect angle is essential for better breathing. So although your waist trainer may seem oddly retraining at first, it may be good for you in the long run.

Bustline Support

Waist trainers are not just about your wist. The perfect waist trainer will help you by giving great bustline support, especially if you have a larger bust. Find yourself a waist trainer that has bra support and wear it as you go to bed. This way, your bust will be all supported and maintain perfect shape.

Postpartum Tummy Loss

Regaining your previous flat tummy after giving birth is never easy. Luckily, waist trainers go a long way in accelerating your belly loss. It is advisable to sleep with a waist trainer for three months after giving birth. This was, you will get a flatter, tighter tummy in no time. 

Spine Alignment

Another benefit you can reap from sleeping in a waist trainer is better spine alignment. If you suffer from spinal curvature and find body braces rather uncomfortable, you could opt to sleep in a waist trainer. Waist trainers ultimately offer great support and are much better than traditional braces.

Disadvantages of Sleeping in a Waist Trainer

Although sleeping in a vast trainer may yield better and faster results and many other benefits, it also comes with several disadvantages. Here are some of them;

Causes Discomfort

You need to be as comfortable as possible when you go to sleep. Sadly, anyone who wears waist trainers can attest to how uncomfortable they may get. They are even worse when you are trying them out for the first time. 

The discomfort may interfere with the quality of your sleep and make it hard for you to sleep. Low-quality sleep will, in turn, cause more harm to your system and may even interfere with your belly-loss process and cause obesity in the process.

Obstruct Vital Organs

Since waist trainers work by compressing your midsection, some vital organs may have a problem functioning as they should. One of the most common problems that waist trainers cause is acid reflux, which results from the excess pressure that the waist trainer exerts on your stomach.

Obstructs Breathing

Waist trainers interfere with your breathing process and breathing capacity due to the tightness of the trainers. They could even interfere with circulation in your body if your trainer is too tight. Sleeping with your waist trainer makes it worse because your breathing rate is normally slightly lower when you are asleep. So it may cause breathlessness in some cases.

Damaging the Waist Trainer

Well, this may not be an effect on your body, but sleeping with your waist trainer may cause serious damage to your waist trainer, making it ineffective in the long run. This is because of the different positions you assume as you toss and turn in bed.

Most waist trainers are not strong enough to withstand those movements. This may end up costing you plenty of money as you replace your waist trainer from time to time.

Finding the Perfect Bedtime Waist Trainer

The best way to avoid any adverse effects while sleeping in your waist trainer is to get yourself the perfect bedtime waist trainer. It does not have to be very different from the one you wear all day. You just have to ensure it is suitable for your needs while still being healthy.

woman with waist trainer

Looser Waist Trainers

The first thing to go for when choosing a bedtime waist trainer is a loose one. Loose waist trainers remain healthy and comfortable while still carrying out the function of trimming your waist. However, one thing you should know is that they will take slightly longer to show the results compared to tighter waist trainers. 

Shorter Waist Trainers

Shorter waist trainers that only compress your tummy rather than your midsection are ideal since they train your waist without compressing the rest of your midsection. This way, you will affect fewer organs, and you can breathe much more easily than when wearing larger waist trainers.

Breathable Waist Trainers

Ensure that your nighttime waist trimmer is the perfect fit and allows you to breathe freely. Wearing a smaller waist trimmer that compresses your body too much may interfere with your breathing as you sleep. The last thing you want is to wake up breathless and fatigued after a long night of rest.

The Final Verdict

While sleeping with your waist trainer may yield better results, it may cost you your health if you are not careful enough. The best way to ensure proper health even as you attain your dream body is to seek your doctor’s guidance before sleeping in a waist trainer. 

Remember, what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. Have your doctor test your vital organs to ensure they can withstand the pressure that comes with wearing a waist trainer all night. If they give you the green light, then you are free to wear it to bed. We hope this article has answered your question, let us know your thoughts in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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