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How I Got Over The Most Difficult Breakup

Breakups are tough. They can send you into a downward spiral of guilt, anger, hurt, frustration, and disappointment. And it is ok to feel all these things, but only for a little while. Then you have to get up, dust yourself, and move on with your life. Yeah, I know it seems impossible right now, but you can do it.

When I broke up with my long term partner, I felt like my life had suddenly come to a stop. For around two weeks, I could not leave the house. I spent my time in my pajamas, crying and cyberstalking him. I was a mess. 

Then one day, I looked in the mirror, and I did not like what I saw. So I made a conscious decision to get my life in order. It was not easy, but I did it. In this post, I will share a few things that I did to help get over the most difficult breakup in my life. Hopefully, they will help you too.

1. Started loving myself

When you are in a relationship, you make compromises that eventually change the person you are. So when the relationship ends, you feel lost and confused, especially if your partner is the one who initiated the breakup.  

For me, I had to rediscover myself and learn to love the person I was. I wrote down a list of all my good qualities and traits and focused on those. I stated all the little things that my partner would often find annoying and realized that I was a catch. I realized that my ex-partner did not love me because I did not love and appreciate myself at the first place. Every time we are trying to get love from the outside, we lose power and become needy. The person who needed to love myself was ME. I realized that the way I treat myself, my health and my body was extremely important. So... I

2. Started waist training and exercising 

The thing about breakups is that though they hurt, they allow you to reinvent and improve yourself. Waist training helped me do that.

Before the breakup, I had acquired some unhealthy eating habits that led to some unflattering belly fat. Every time i was looking in the mirror I felt how I was mistreating myself, my own body by not taking care of myself. I was not loving my body, I was putting junk food and sweets into my precious body. That was not good for me. I made a firm decision that I will get the perfect beautiful body of my dreams.

I started waist training and exercising every day, eating healthy food and within a month and a half, I had a great hourglass figure and felt amazing! I was able to give my body the love that it deserves.

I suggest to exercise with waist trainers because they accelerate your progress. The best quality ones made of excellent material that is good for your health are from Femme Shapewear. I am a big fan:

3. Focused on things I loved doing

When in a relationship, your time usually revolves around your partner, so you might find no time for yourself or your hobbies. But after the breakup, this is the time you start going back to the things YOU love.

Now that I had time on my hands, I started traveling, hanging out with friends, going out, reading, and even started go-karting. Life was looking up. I kept myself busy with things that made me happy. 

4. Blocked all contacts 

After a breakup, it is tempting to text, call, or check-up on your ex. I know I was. However, remaining in contact with your ex will not only delay your recovery but will also make you feel even worse.

To prevent that from happening, I deleted his contacts from my phone and blocked him on social media platforms. I also took a break from social media because we shared a lot of mutual friends. Also, I asked my friends not to mention him whenever we hang out.


It was tough, but I got over the most difficult breakup in my life by learning to love myself, starting waist training and exercise, focusing on the things I love, and blocking all contacts from my ex. 

And you can too. Take some time to grieve the loss, but don’t let it consume you.


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