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How To Look Fantastic On The Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and if you are like me, you are probably excited. It is the one day of the year that celebrates love and romance. Whether you spend the day hanging with friends or dine by candlelight with your sweetheart, you want to look your best. 

I know by now you probably have a flattering outfit picked up for that day. Whether it’s a sexy red dress or a body-hugging top and jeans, wearing a shapewear or waist trainer can make you look slimmer and sleeker in your outfit. 

What is shapewear?

Just like its name suggests, shapewear is an undergarment that gives your body a sleeker silhouette by smoothing out the lumps and highlighting your natural curves. It is designed to help you achieve your desired figure by hiding away your abdominal flab, fat thighs, and large butt. 

Shapewear comes in many forms and styles. Depending on what you want to smooth out and the outfit you want to wear on Valentine’s day, here are the options to choose from:

  • Waist trainer/cincher and corset--are designed to give you a tiny waist and give you an hourglass figure.

  • Body briefs and booty lifters-- resembles a panty and is designed to smooth out your lower abdomen and give you a flattering look.

  • Control camisole or a vest--it is used to flatten your tummy and lift your bust. It smooths out all the extra fat, so you look gorgeous in your outfit.

  • Butt lifting power-nets - cover the entire torso, control the tummy and waist area and lift your butt, giving you an instantly slimmer look.

  • Hip Shapers - shape the waist and hips, giving you an instantly curvy bootylicious look. 

  • Posture Correctors - helps you keep your back straight, giving you a confident queen posture.

How To Pick The Best Shapewear For Valentine’s Day

Now that you know a little more about shapewear, here are some tricks to help you pick the best shapewear that will make you look fantastic on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Determine your outfit--Before you buy shapewear, you need to determine what you will be wearing on that day. Will it be a sexy dress or pants. Also, what do you want to achieve with the shapewear? Are you looking to get a tiny waist, lift your bust, or smooth out some bulges? Depending on your answers to these questions, you can go ahead and buy shapewear that will meet your needs.
  2. Get the right size-- Although it is tempting to buy shapewear that is a size smaller, shapewear works best when you have the correct size. Going down a size won’t help you fit into a smaller dress. It will only cause discomfort, bulges, and wrinkles. You can get your size by taking accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and hips.
  3. The right shape for you-- Bodies come in different varieties, and wearing shapewear is not about transforming your body but enhancing your body shape. When you know what your body shape is, you can get shapewear that works for you   
  4. Fabric matters-- Shapewear is often made of neoprene, latex, nylon and spandex, which are all absolutely amazing! The only thing to keep in mind is that the waist trainers would look great under the thick outfit as they are mainly designed for exercising and loosing inches in the waistline. The shapewear, mainly power-nets, hip shapers and booty lifters will look fabulous under any outfit as they are designed to enhance your natural curves. 


Whatever you intend to wear on Valentine’s Day, putting on shapewear will make all the difference. Shapewear is a must-have for every woman who wants to look fantastic on Valentine’s Day or any other day. 

Waist trainers, body briefs, control camisole, power-nets and hip shapers are all types of shapewear. They smooth out the problem areas (lumps) and accentuate the attractive features to give you a flattering look.

Get the right shapewear for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

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